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Colorado’s Construction Trust Fund Statute – What is it and Who does it Protect?

Construction lawyers often receive calls from property owners, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers about difficulties related to obtaining payment on ...
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Are You Hiring an Independent Contractor or an Employee?

Employees and independent contractors are different animals.  Improperly classifying employees as independent contractors can result in significant legal consequences.  When ...
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With the end of the school year, many kids spend the summer in various camps and summer sports activities. Nearly ...
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IN THE NEWS: Colorado Construction Defect Bill May Die

Colorado Senate Bill 177 was passed by the Colorado Senate a few weeks ago, and moved on to the State ...
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Medical License Renewal Time – Important Issues to Understand

The deadline for submittal of Colorado Medical License renewal applications is April 30, 2015. For most physicians, completing the renewal ...
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Non-Compete Agreements in Colorado

Many, if not most, employment contracts include “non-compete” provisions that attempt to limit an employee’s ability to work after they ...
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Preserving Miller Act Rights to Obtain Payment on Federal Construction Projects

Unlike private construction projects, construction professionals may not file or enforce mechanic’s lien rights on public construction projects. The Miller ...
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Construction Scheduling

Enhance margin through proper planning.    The majority of successful commercial, industrial and public works construction projects contain scheduling clauses ...
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Methods to Obtain Payment for Construction Services Under Colorado Insurance Law

Construction lawyers often evaluate insurance policies for a variety of reasons including covered risks, uncovered risks and possible avenues for ...
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