Medical License Renewal Time – Important Issues to Understand

The deadline for submittal of Colorado Medical License renewal applications is April 30, 2015. For most physicians, completing the renewal process does not present any issues.  However, the Colorado Medical Board has changed the format of the renewal application which could lead to confusion for some doctors and PAs.  Keeping in mind that failing to accurately answer the questions accompanying a physician renewal application is a disciplinary offense under the Colorado Medical Practice Act, it is important that any doctor or PA with questions about the application address those with competent counsel.  For example, physicians who are in the “safe haven” program with CPHP should carefully review the Board’s application, along with Board policy 30-04 and Board Rule 295 before completing the attestation portion of the renewal application.  Completing the application without understanding the Board rules and policies,  could have negative consequences for applicants.  If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact Miller Kabler, P.C.

In addition, all doctors and others with DEA registrations must register with the PDMP or face potential disciplinary actions by the Board.  The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is state-maintained database that tracks all controlled substance prescriptions in Colorado.  In May 2014, the PDMP statute was amended to require every practitioner and pharmacist, including medical doctors, osteopaths, advance practice nurses, dentists and any other practitioner who holds a DEA registration to be registered with and maintain an account with the PDMP.   Under Colorado statute, § 12-42.5-403, C.R.S., all practitioners were required to have a PDMP account as of January 1, 2015.  As medical boards and regulators focus more on controlled substance issues, any prescriber who comes to the Board’s attention who is not registered for the PDMP will face disciplinary action.

Any doctor, nurse or dentist who does not have an account with the PDMP, can follow the instructions at the PDMP website – here – for creating an account.   For more information, contact Miller Kabler, P.C.


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